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Studio Artzinium
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“Design is intelligence made visible.”

Our products are a testimony to our design sensibilities, craftsmanship, precision engineering and a deep understanding of the raw materials that go into their creation. Established in the year 2010 by our parent company VJP Aluminum Foundry, we have created a niche for ourselves in the architectural decor space. Our large production unit along with three decades of expertise in working with casting aluminium, enables us to witness the metamorphosis of a design to a finished product. The quality and versatility of our products are true to the characteristics of the core production material – Aluminium. 

Our designs are constantly evolving. Backed by technological excellence, we are able to convert our design inspirations to tangible entities.


Meet The Team

Manoj Raja

Design Director

Rahul Dharmarajan

Business Head

Sudharsan Manivel

Managing Director

Why choose our products?

Modular designs

The design modularity aspect of our products enables continuous improvement and innovation of designs and sustainability of products

Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Casting

Our products are made with Aluminium Casting which ensure flexibility, strength, reduced wastage and seamless finishing of products



Our products can be recycled over and over again owing to the flexible and versatile nature of Aluminium

Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Our designs spell luxury and engineering spell precision. Our products are made with a perfect blend of creativity and technological excellence

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Our 35,000 sq ft production capacity is utilized to the optimum, which is the reason for our efficient turnaround time.



We are a complete industrial design service company involved in every step from inception to production to installation.