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November 11, 2020 by karthi

Aluminium Facade Advantages

Aluminium Facade Advantages: Why Many Buildings Have This

In this short article, we’ll discuss some of the most pronounced aluminium facade advantages. The information below will help Sydney engineers decide if it’s the best material for their building facade. In addition, they will be aware of the possible limitations or drawbacks of the material.

Cost savings

Aluminium is more affordable than steel. If engineers choose aluminium, there could be huge savings on the bottom line (due to the large surface area of highrises). That’s why aluminium is the choice when functionality and economy are the priorities.

The material can also last long (for many years and even decades). This could lead to potential long-term savings for the company. Both upfront and long term, the business will benefit from using aluminium for their building facade.

Excellent strength to weight ratio

Aluminium is lightweight and yet has excellent physical properties. It’s almost 66% lighter than steel but still provides strong support to the facade.

Although steel is stronger, it can still be used together with aluminium. For instance, some Sydney engineers use aluminium in conjunction with steel to balance strength and cost savings. They use the steel for frames while the aluminium for cladding. The steel provides the strength while the lightweight aluminium reduces the load on the structure.

Design flexibility

Because of its relatively lower weight and good material strength, aluminium offers versatility in terms of the overall design of the facade. Engineers and fabricators can do several things with aluminium.

For example, aluminium can achieve irregular shapes without experiencing brittle fractures. It can also be polished to achieve a glossy surface that stands out. There are fewer constraints when aluminium is the choice for facade material.

Resistance to corrosion

This is inherent in aluminium wherever it’s used for. It naturally forms an oxide coating which resists further oxidation and corrosion. The protective coating can even be further improved through material treatment procedures such as anodisation.

Due to aluminium’s strong resistance to corrosion, there will be less maintenance and fewer replacements required even after many years of the facade’s exposure to natural elements. This further contributes to cost savings and aesthetic integrity of the building.

Aluminium facade advantages Sydney

Those are just some of the advantages of using aluminium for facade construction. It’s often used in conjunction with other materials such as steel to get better results.

Here at CGS Facade Group, we’ve already built aluminium facades for many buildings in Sydney, Canberra and even in locations overseas. We create designs and structures according to client specifications. We also perform quality control inspection when sourcing and receiving the aluminium needed for construction. This is to ensure that each aluminium sheet meets quality standards.

Contact us today and we’ll take care of the facade design and construction including product sourcing and quality control.