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Why choose Artzinium?

Artzinium’s strength is its manufacturing facility, in-house design studio, fabricating workshop and installation partners in all the major locations, making it a one-stop shop for architectural decor products.

Why should I choose an aluminium facade?

Aluminium is a versatile material that is strong, flexible, recyclable and practically maintenance free. In addition to the remarkable qualities of Aluminium, our facades are aesthetically designed to bring a touch of luxury to any space.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

The minimum order quantity for custom casting to be developed is 750 square feet. However, for our standard products, there is no minimum order quantity

How to collaborate and work with Artzinium?

We have two approaches for collaborative work. We either work with the architect and design/develop his concept or we pitch our own design concept and develop it on approval.

What is the difference between Aluminium sheets and Cast Aluminium?

Cast Aluminium is Aluminium that is melted and poured into moulds. Aluminium sheets are the result of basic raw-form aluminium being pressed and rolled into panel form under high pressure.

Why are Artzinium products priced slightly higher than other similar products?

Artzinium products showcase impeccable craftsmanship and are designed for longevity. Our products are made with Aluminium, making them strong, durable and offers many design possibilities. We offer plenty of surface finish options. Custom colours can also be ordered and we provide coating solutions specific to interior or exterior applications.

Will Artzinium products rust?

Our products are made from Aluminium that are naturally low maintenance since they are rust free. Our products come with an additional protection coating(anodizing, powder coating) that endures harsh weather conditions.

What are the different applications to decor made from Aluminium?

Our product line includes aluminium facades, decorative architectural screens/panels, dividers/partitions, and perforated panels.

How do we maintain the products?

Our products are low maintenance as they are corrosion and rust free. A mild cleaning agent can be used to clean the surfaces periodically.

How is the installation carried out if I am from a different location?

We have partners in different cities, both domestic and international, that carry out the installation.


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