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KMC Corporate Office, Hyderabad

ALocated in Cyber city, Hyderabad, the KMC Corporate Office employs the idea of a double skin as an energy saving and modulating mechanism. The inner skin of the building is a reinforced concrete frame with spec aluminum windows. The outer facade comprises a cast Aluminum trellis with Hydroponics trays integrated for growing a variety of plant spices. Renowned architect Rahul Mehrotra designed the KMC facade and worked with him to make his idea a reality. The main objective of the facade was to reduce the thermal load by covering the building in green. The façade was made of cast Aluminium sections and integrated with a stainless-steel water pipe that mists the plants. All sections were anodized for surface protection. The green façade naturally cools down the building thus enabling more efficiency of air conditioning system inside the building. The building is LEED certified.